A.   Defined: For the purposes of this chapter, "oversized structures" shall be defined as follows:
      1.   A structure with a height of more than twenty two feet (22') measured from the surface of the roadway to the highest peak on the roof in the loaded condition;
      2.   A structure, when loaded for transit, having a width of more than thirty two feet (32') at its widest point as measured at the point of greatest projection at right angle to the direction of travel.
   B.   Right Of Way Permits: A right of way permit for an "oversized building or structure", as defined herein, shall not be issued until the applicant provides the city engineer with written acknowledgment of clearance from the telephone company, electric utility companies, the TV cable company, the fire department and the police department stating that satisfactory arrangements have been made to ensure that all overhead wires, signals, etc., will be cleared by the moving building or that satisfactory arrangements have been made to clear such obstructions.
   C.   Fee; Routing Survey: An application for a right of way permit to move an "oversized structure", as defined herein, shall be accompanied by a fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). Such fee shall be in addition to all other permit fees required by this code. Upon receipt of such application, the city engineer or his assignee, in the presence of the appropriate house/structure mover, shall make a physical survey of the proposed route will accommodate the movement of the oversized structure, the city engineer shall coordinate with the chief of police to ensure that the police department is alerted during the movement of the structure. (Ord. 752, 3-10-1997)