A.   Required: Any person, firm or corporation who shall engage in the business of moving houses or structures shall, prior to moving of such structures on city streets, be required to obtain a permit for such move approved by the city engineer.
   B.   Structures Defined: For the purposes of this chapter, "structures" are defined as:
      1.   A building or structure which, when loaded for transit has a width of more than fourteen feet (14') at its widest point as measured from its greatest projection at right angle to the direction of travel;
      2.   A building or structure which, when loaded for transit is more than thirteen feet six inches (13'6") in height when measured from the surface of the roadway to the highest point of the roof;
      3.   A building or structure which is more than thirty feet (30') in length.
   C.   Building, Zoning Compliance: No permit shall be issued unless, in the written opinion of the city engineer or his/her designee and the building official, the building may be caused to comply with the city requirements for the erection of a new building at the proposed site, and has been issued zoning clearance by the zoning official. (Ord. 752, 3-10-1997)