A.   Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Permits: The fee for each mechanical permit, electrical permit and plumbing permit shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) for residential applications and one hundred dollars ($100.00) for commercial applications. The fee for each reinspection shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00).
   B.   Plan Review Of Commercial Projects: The fee for plan review of commercial projects shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for each review.
   C.   Legal Descriptions: The fee for issuance of a legal description shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for each issuance.
   D.   Building Permits: The fee for building permits shall be as follows:
      1.   Residential:
         a.   New residential: $100.00 for first 1,000 square feet and $3.00 for each additional 100 square feet.
         b.   Residential addition or remodel (including garages): $50.00 for first 500 square feet and $3.00 for each additional 100 square feet.
         c.   Storage buildings or detached garage: $20.00 plus $3.00 for each 100 square feet.
         d.   Carport, open porch, patio roof: $20.00.
         e.   Demolition permit: $20.00.
      2.   Commercial:
         a.   New commercial: $165.00 for first 1,000 square feet and $3.00 for each additional 100 square feet.
         b.   Commercial remodel: $100.00 for first 1,000 square feet and $3.00 for each additional 100 square feet.
   E.   Inspections: The fee for individual inspection on a one time basis shall be as follows:
      1.   Residential building: $25.00 per inspection.
      2.   Commercial building: $25.00 per inspection.
      3.   Electrical temporary pole: $25.00 per inspection.
      4.   Single electrical inspection: $25.00 per inspection.
      5.   Sewer tap inspection: $25.00 per inspection.
      6.   Gas piping inspection: $25.00 per inspection.
      7.   Single plumbing inspection: $25.00 per inspection. (1993 Code § 5-2; amd. 2006 Code)
   F.   Old Town Bixby:
      1.   Old Town Bixby shall be identified as that business area in Bixby, Oklahoma, being two (2) blocks north, two (2) blocks west, two (2) blocks east and two (2) blocks south of the center flagpole marker within the original downtown area of the city.
      2.   Those buildings being renovated and remodeled shall be subject to inspection during the course of such renovation or remodeling and subject to payment of building inspection fees customarily charged for such construction.
      3.   Renovation and reclamation work shall consist of any work done to buildings within the Old Town area of the city where the foundation and stem wall and support walls remain in the same location. Reclamation and renovation classification shall not apply to the razing of a building within old town, nor shall it apply to the rebuilding of a structure destroyed by fire, wind or acts of God.
      4.   The fees set forth in subsections D and E of this section shall be amended for renovation/reclamation work in Old Town as follows:
         a.   Building permit fee: $0.00.
         b.   Inspection fees: $25.00.
         c.   Buildings coming under the classifications as set forth herein shall be exempt from setback requirements as well as side spacing restrictions. Such properties shall also be exempt from parking space requirements normally associated with commercial establishments.
         d.   Any renovation or reclamation of a building within the Old Town area defined shall be entitled to increase its foundation footprint from the original placement up to twenty percent (20%) and retain its reclamation/renovation classification; however, such an increase will require a building permit. (Ord. 886, 3-22-2004)
   G.   Penalty: Construction started without the proper permits and inspections shall be penalized triple the standard fees as set forth by this section. (1993 Code § 5-2)