7-6D-8: FISHING:
   A.   Fishing Permit; Fees:
      1.   Fishing will be permitted in Lake Bixhoma by anyone having an Oklahoma fishing license and who shall have a special permit from the city of Bixby, or anyone permitted to fish in Oklahoma without such license and who shall have such special license and permit from the city of Bixby, Oklahoma.
      2.   Fishing permit fees shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for an annual license. The annual fishing permit for adults over sixty five (65) years of age or children under twelve (12) years of age shall be exempt from payment of fees.
      3.   Permits for fishing upon Lake Bixhoma from the time of purchase shall be restricted to those hours of day (or night) that the Lake Bixhoma Park is open.
      4.   Daily license shall be obtainable from city hall for a fee of two dollars ($2.00) per day. (Ord. 2013, 5-11-2009)
   B.   Permit And License Subject To Inspection: Any person fishing in Lake Bixhoma shall have on his person a state fishing license and a special permit from the city, which license and permit shall be subject to inspection upon demand. (1993 Code § 18-97)
   C.   Bag Limits: It shall be unlawful to take more than six (6) black (largemouth or spotted) bass, which shall be no less than fourteen inches (14") in length, and five (5) channel catfish in any one day. As to other species, size, limit and bag limits, limits of the state regulations shall apply. (Ord. 2142, 9-22-2014)
   D.   Certain Methods Of Fishing Not Allowed: No nets, traps, multiple hook devices, or any type of snare or devices for catching fish other than by hooks, as provided in this section, shall be permitted. Every person having appropriate licenses and permits can have not more than two (2) poles with one line attached to each, and not more than two (2) hooks attached to each pole or line; provided, however, that any single fishing plug may have more than two (2) hooks if the same is manufactured and sold in that condition. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the fishing on the lake by the use of fly casting or casting devices. (1993 Code § 18-99)
   E.   State Law Compliance; Wading, Swimming, Etc., Prohibited: All fishing on Lake Bixhoma or from the banks thereof shall be either from the bank or from a boat meeting the requirements of the state laws. No wading, swimming, bathing or skiing shall be permitted. (1993 Code § 18-100)
   F.   Size, Number, Species Of Catch Reported: Any person catching fish from Lake Bixhoma shall report to the lake superintendent or his assistant, if he or his assistant is present at the lake, the size, number and species of fish taken, and upon request shall present such fish for inspection. (1993 Code § 18-101)