12-2-6: FINAL PLAT:
   A.   Required Changes: The final plat shall have incorporated all modifications or conditions required by the Planning Commission and/or City Council, and otherwise shall conform to the preliminary plat and to the requirements of this title. The final plat may be submitted in stages constituting only that portion of the approved preliminary plat, which the subdivider proposes to record and develop at that time; provided, that such portion conforms with all the requirements of this title.
   B.   Letters Of Release: Letters of release from the utility companies, Corporation Commission or other agencies must accompany the filing of the final plat.
   C.   Copies: The final plat shall be submitted in the form of five (5) black line or blueline prints and one (1) half size eleven inch by seventeen inch (11" x 17") reproducible of the final subdivision prepared by a surveyor or engineer. The final plat shall show all features needed to enable the Planning Commission to determine whether or not the final layout of the subdivision is satisfactory from the standpoint of public interest. The final plat size shall not be less than twenty two inches by thirty four inches (22" x 34") and folded to eight and one-half inches by eleven inches (81/2" x 11").
   D.   Approval By City Council: The City Council shall provide for an adequate hearing after receiving a written report from the City Planner, which report is in conformity with the actions taken by the Planning Commission. The City Council shall notify the subdivider of any conditions which may be imposed and shall approve or disapprove the final plat and shall notify the subdivider of the action taken. The approval of the City Council or refusal to approve shall take place within thirty (30) days from and after the date the plat was submitted to the City Council for final approval, unless the owner agrees in writing to an extension of this time period. The explanation for refusal of any plat submitted or of regulations violated shall be stated upon the record of the City Council.
   E.   Final Checking: After City Council approval of the final plat, the subdivider shall meet all the required conditions as set out by the City Council; and the subdivider shall submit documentation to the staff for review to ensure that all required conditions have been satisfied. The final plat shall be a print on cronaflex mylar or similar durable material, twenty four inches (24") wide by thirty six inches (36") long. Plats consisting of more than one (1) sheet shall be numbered consecutively and shall contain a notation giving the total number of sheets. The final plat submission shall comply with the current State Statutes. The subdivider shall submit two (2) mylar copies and eight (8) black line or blueline paper prints to be signed by the subdivider and the surveyor and stamped and signed by the Mayor or Vice Mayor.
   F.   Time Limits: City Council approval of a final plat shall be valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of the City Council action, and may be renewed annually thereafter by the City staff, based upon whether or not there have been changes in the design standards, specifications or needs of the City during the interim. Should the City staff deny a renewal request, an appeal of the denial may be made to the City Council.
   G.   Recording Of Final Plat; Issuance Of Building Permits:
      1.   The approved final plat shall remain with the City Planning Office until the completion of and acceptance or approval by the City Council on all improvements or all security requirements have been submitted and approved. After acceptance, the plat will be released for filing/recording by the subdivider. The subdivider shall return a copy of the recorded plat with copies as defined herein.
      2.   No building permits shall be issued until after acceptance by the City of all improvements and the subdivider has supplied the City with three (3) certified copies, one (1) mylar and two (2) black line or blueline paper, of the final plat, each showing proof of being filed and recorded in the Office of the County Clerk.
   H.   Bond/Escrow For Construction: Prior to the issuance of any development or construction permits, the subdivider shall meet performance bond requirements, escrow arrangements, letters of credit, or other equivalent instrument of surety acceptable to the City in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of the construction of all public improvements. Such instruments shall be subject to the condition that the improvements must be completed within one (1) year after posting of said bond/escrow. In the event all or any portion of the improvements are not completed, the City, at its discretion, may proceed with the work and hold the subdivider and the bonding company jointly and separately liable for the costs thereof, or pursue such other remedies as may be available.
   I.   As Built Plans: Plans for each development within the jurisdiction of the City shall be provided to the City by the subdivider showing all improvements within the subdivision as actually constructed. Three (3) copies of these plans shall be supplied; one (1) on mylar, one (1) on black line or blueline print paper and one (1) computer disk copy with auto CAD format. The subdivider shall submit to the City all such as built plans within sixty (60) days after acceptance of public improvements. After a period of sixty (60) days, if the subdivider has not submitted the required as built documents, the City shall halt the issuance of all building permits and/or halt all construction. (Ord. 854, 9-9-2002; amd. Ord. 2026, 10-12-2009; Ord. 2217, 6-12-2017)