A.   Procedures And Specifications For Documents: The subdivider is encouraged to meet with City staff and submit a preliminary plat, to receive comments and recommendations from the City staff and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), in order to facilitate the processing of the preliminary plat.
      1.   During the preliminary plat review process, the subdivider will be advised of the following:
         a.   The procedure for approval of a subdivision plat;
         b.   Provisions of the Comprehensive Plan, major street plan, and Zoning Code;
         c.   Requirements as to general layout of streets, reserve areas, improvements, drainage, water, sewerage, floodplains, fire protection and similar matters;
         d.   Availability of existing services and utilities and requirements and policies for extension;
         e.   The required number of copies for preliminary plat and preliminary construction plan submittals; and
         f.   To discuss the proposed subdivision with those officials and departments which must eventually approve those particular aspects of the subdivision plat coming within their jurisdiction who were not present at the preapplication conference.
      2.   The preliminary plat may be a freehand drawing, to scale. The preferred scale is one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100') except where the tract size or amount of detail requires a larger scale, and may be superimposed over a topographic map or aerial photograph. The preliminary plat shall show the following:
         a.   The proposed layout of streets, lots, and public areas;
         b.   Boundary lines of the proposed subdivision;
         c.   Location and width of streets adjacent to the property;
         d.   Existing utilities on or adjacent to the property showing type, location, and size;
         e.   Existing watercourses, floodways, floodplains and storm drainage;
         f.   Ground elevations on the property on at least two foot (2') contour intervals;
         g.   The legal description and point of beginning, if available;
         h.   Existing buildings on the area to be platted;
         i.   The location of every pipeline, injection, oil or gas well (either existing, active or inactive wells, plugged or unplugged abandoned wells) as shown by the records of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and by such other records as may be on file with the Planning Department, or any planned future well sites if known; and
         j.   The lot dimensions and lot areas (in square feet or fractional acres) on each lot or in a chart or schedule for Zoning Code compliance review.
      3.   The planning staff shall transmit the preliminary plat to appropriate officials or agencies for review.
      4.   The TAC shall review the preliminary plat and make a recommendation to the planning staff.
      5.   The planning staff shall then review the preliminary plat and the recommendation of the TAC.
   B.   Filing Requirement: Following completion of staff and TAC review, the subdivider shall prepare its finalized preliminary plat of the proposed subdivision. The subdivider shall then file with the City Planner's Office a written application upon designated forms for the submission of the preliminary plat to the Planning Commission and the City Council.
   C.   Plat Copies: The preliminary plat shall be submitted in the form of five (5) black line or blueline prints and one (1) half size eleven inch by seventeen inch (11" x 17") reproducible of the proposed subdivision, which have been prepared by a surveyor or engineer. The preliminary plat shall show all the features needed to enable the Planning Commission and City Council to determine whether or not the proposed subdivision layout is satisfactory from the standpoint of public interest. The preliminary plat size shall not be less than twenty two inches by thirty four inches (22" x 34") and folded to eight and one-half inches by eleven inches (81/2" x 11").
   D.   Preliminary Engineering Plans: Five (5) copies of a preliminary engineering plan prepared by an engineer illustrating the location of the water distribution system, the wastewater system, stormwater system, streets and other proposed improvements shall be submitted simultaneously with the preliminary plat map.
   E.   Fees: Upon filing an application, the owner shall pay all fees to the City pursuant to a fee schedule adopted or authorized by the City Council.
   F.   Planning Commission Action Taken:
      1.   The preliminary plat shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission for conformity with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the City, subdivisions regulations and for compliance with the standards, requirements and principles hereinafter prescribed; and shall be reviewed by the planning staff for compliance with all applicable additional requirements of all governmental authorities and agencies, and with all applicable regulations of public utilities. The Planning Commission shall determine whether to recommend that the preliminary plat be approved, approved with modifications, continued to a certain date, or be denied, with written notice to the subdivider.
      2.   Upon a recommendation for approval or approval subject to modifications, the Planning Commission may require the owner to submit a revised preliminary plat.
      3.   After taking action on the preliminary plat, the Planning Commission shall transmit its recommendations to the City Council. A preliminary plat recommended for denial shall not be considered further unless the applicant, within fifteen (15) days from the date of the Planning Commission action, files a written request with the City Clerk for a hearing by the City Council. The request for hearing shall be accompanied by the payment of a fee in such amount as established by resolution of the City Council. Upon notice of such request, the Planning Commission shall transmit the preliminary plat, its report and recommendations to the City Council. The City Council shall then determine whether the preliminary plat shall be approved, approved with modifications or denied.
   G.   Action By The City Council:
      1.   City Council Action: Upon receipt of the Planning Commission's recommendation of approval or denial on appeal, the City Council shall hold a hearing, review the preliminary plat and approve, disapprove, modify or return it to the Planning Commission for further consideration.
      2.   Final Acceptance: Approval of the preliminary plat by the City Council shall not constitute final acceptance of the subdivision by the City. Preliminary plat approval shall confer upon the subdivider the right for a one (1) year period from the date of approval that the general terms and conditions under which the preliminary approval was granted will not be changed. Preliminary approval as granted will not be changed unless the City Engineer or other City official having proper justification to modify engineering and construction details requires modification as necessary for the protection of the public interest.
   H.   Planned Unit Development: On commercial and residential planned unit developments (PUD), a conceptual site plan shall be a part of the planned unit development documents submitted to the City for consideration.
   I.   Phased Developments: The preliminary plat representing the entire proposed development (all phases) must be submitted with the preliminary plat submission for review and approval. Actual phased construction and final platting may be part of the construction plans and final plat reviews. (Ord. 2217, 6-12-2017)