In enacting various provisions of this title, and in promulgating any rules or regulations which may be made necessary in order to carry out the purpose of this title, the city sets forth certain minimum standards for construction which may not be violated in the construction of any public improvements. By setting forth these minimum design standards, neither the city as an entity nor any of its staff makes any representations, warranties or assurances that these minimum designs are sufficient. Any subdivider within the city limits must rely upon his own design professionals to design facilities, whether public or private, which are capable of providing services required of such public or private facilities, and which are adequate under all reasonably foreseeable circumstances for the purposes intended. When the city staff examines proposals or construction plans for conformity with this title, such review by city staff is to determine whether or not the minimum standards will be met. The approval of these plans does not represent, warrant or assure any person that the designs are adequate for the purposes intended. Neither the enactment of this title nor review of improvements to be constructed or proposed under this title shall in any manner create liability for the city to the subdivider, nor to any person affected by the activities of such subdivider. (Ord. 854, 9-9-2002)