For the purpose of this title, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future. Words in the plural number include the singular, and words in the singular number will include plural. The word "shall" is always mandatory; the word "may" is always directory.
ACCEPTANCE BY THE CITY: Acceptance by the city council in a public meeting.
ALL WEATHER MATERIAL: A hard surface, dust free material capable, during ordinary use, of withstanding, without substantial deterioration, normal weather conditions. Gravel, rock or screenings done without the use of a petroleum or cement binder does not meet the definition of an all weather dust free material.
BLOCK: A parcel of land, intended to be used for urban purposes, which is entirely surrounded by public streets, highways, railroad right of way, public walks, parks or green strips, rural land or drainage channels, or a combination thereof.
BUFFER: An area of land or open area used to provide a physical separation between, and enhance the compatibility of, different types of land use. Such areas may be devoted to landscaping and fencing.
BUILDING LINE OR SETBACK LINE: A line or lines designating the area outside of which buildings may not be erected. The horizontal distance, from the point measured, from the right of way of an abutting street or the boundary line of an abutting zoning district nearest to the building wall.
CITY: The city of Bixby, Oklahoma.
CITY COUNCIL: The governing and approval body for the city of Bixby consisting of a five (5) member council, which shall consist of one council member elected from each of the five (5) wards of the city in which resides all powers provided by the city charter, subject to the state constitution and state law.
CITY (OFFICER): The word "city" followed by the name of any officer means any officer or designee of such officer employed by the city of Bixby to fulfill any of the duties of the office named.
COMPREHENSIVE LAND USE PLAN: A general development plan based upon the present and the projected future needs of the city as currently adopted or as may be hereafter adopted by the city council. The comprehensive land use plan may also be referred to as the master plan or the plan, and constitutes a plan which indicates the general locations recommended for the various functional classes of works, places and structures, and for the general physical development of the city of Bixby; such designation includes the entire body of such documents, or any unit or part thereof as may be separately adopted, including amendments to such plan or parts thereof.
CONSTRUCTION: Any activity at the proposed subdivision which includes, but not limited to, earthwork, digging, trenching, backfilling, clearing and grubbing, street work and/or utility installation.
CONSTRUCTION PLANS: The detailed construction or engineering drawings for all public improvements within the proposed subdivision complying with the requirements of this title and fully illustrating the design features of the subdivision.
CONTRACTOR: A person, firm or corporation having entered into a contractual agreement with the city, engaged in any aspect of the construction of improvements, including, but not limited to street paving.
COUNTY CLERK: The clerk of the county in which the land is located, unless the context indicates otherwise.
CUL-DE-SAC: A minor street having one end open to traffic and being terminated at the other end by a vehicular turnaround.
DEVELOPER: The owner or agent of the owner of the land having rights to subdivide and order the construction of improvements.
DRIVEWAY ENTRANCES: The ingress and egress for the property adjacent to a street, and being located between the street pavement and the street right of way line.
EASEMENT: A grant by the property owner to the public, a corporation or persons, of the use of a strip of land for specific purposes.
ENGINEER: A registered, professional engineer in good standing with the state of Oklahoma board of registration for professional engineers and land surveyors.
ENGINEERING DESIGN MANUAL: The standard drawings and written technical requirements concerning public improvements as currently adopted by resolution by the city of Bixby.
FINAL PLAT: The map, drawing or chart complying with the requirements of this title on which an owner's plan of subdivision is presented to the planning commission and to the city council for approval, and which, if approved, will be submitted to the county clerk for recording.
FLOOD HAZARD AREA: See definition of Area Of Special Flood Hazard in section 13-2A-1 of this code.
FLOODPLAIN: As defined in section 13-2A-1 of this code.
FLOODWAY: As defined in section 13-2A-1 of this code.
HEALTH DEPARTMENT: As to land located within Tulsa County, the cooperative health department of the cities located within Tulsa County and of Tulsa County; as to land located within Wagoner County, the Wagoner County health department.
HIGHWAYS: See definition of Streets And Alleys.
IMPROVEMENTS: Grading, street surfacing, construction of curbs and gutters, sidewalks, culverts, bridges, water distribution systems, wastewater systems, storm water systems, other utilities, and other features required to support the development.
LIMITS OF NO ACCESS: Areas as defined by the city on the plat in which no access is allowed.
LINE OF SIGHT TRIANGLE: An area of land located adjacent to the intersection of two (2) or more streets, which area of land is bounded by a line measured from the center of a connecting street and extended along the curb line of a corner lot for a distance of seventy five feet (75'), to an end point to form one boundary of the triangle; and bounded by a line measured from the center of the second connecting street and extended along the second curb line of the corner lot for a distance of seventy five feet (75') to an end point to form the second boundary of the triangle; and bounded by a straight line connecting the two (2) end points of the last two (2) boundaries. This triangle has been determined for regulatory purposes to be sufficient for the drivers of two (2) vehicles traveling at twenty five (25) miles per hour or less and approaching an uncontrolled intersection on separate, interconnecting, level and dry streets to view each other and take appropriate actions safely; this triangle has also been determined for regulatory purposes to be sufficient for pedestrian traffic which may be augmented by toys such as roller skates, skateboards, sleds and similar devices.
LOT: A parcel or portion of land in a subdivision or plat of land, separated by other parcels or portions by description as on a subdivision plat or record of survey map or by metes and bounds, for the purpose of sale or lease to or separate use of another.
LOT, CORNER: A lot which has at least two (2) adjacent sides abutting for their full lengths on a street; provided, that the interior angle at the intersection of such two (2) sides is less than one hundred thirty five degrees (135o).
LOT, DOUBLE FRONTAGE: A lot having frontage on two (2) nonintersecting streets, as distinguished from a corner lot. This shall be the same as a "backing lot".
LOT, REVERSE FRONTAGE: A double frontage lot, which is to be developed with the rear yard abutting a major street and with the primary means of ingress and egress provided on a minor or collector street.
LOT SPLIT: A transfer or agreement or negotiation to transfer any tract of land of two and one-half (21/2) acres or less where such tract of land was not shown of record in the office of the county clerk and does not comprise an entire lot of record. The lot split must meet minimum requirements for bulk and area in the particular zoning district.
MASTER PLAN: The comprehensive plan for the city of Bixby, Oklahoma.
OFFICIAL MAP: The map established by the city council showing the streets and highways heretofore laid out, adopted and established by law and any amendments or additions thereto adopted by the city council resulting from the approval of subdivision plats and the subsequent filing of such plats.
OPEN SPACE - PUBLIC: Land which may be dedicated to or reserved for or acquisition for general use by the public, including parks, recreation areas, school sites, community and public building sites and other similar lands. "Open space - public", specifically does not include floodway drainage courses, public lakes and ponds, or any area within the fully urbanized floodway, but may include other areas in the 100-year fully urbanized floodplain.
OWNER: Any individual, firm or corporation having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the land under this title.
PARKING, OFF STREET: An area, enclosed or unenclosed, together with a driveway permitting ingress and egress of an automobile of standard size to a street or alley, affording access thereto.
PLANNING COMMISSION: The planning commission of the city of Bixby.
PLAT: A map representing a tract of land showing the boundaries and location of individual properties and streets, lot locations, easements, reserve areas, the location of rights of way, and other improvements; a map of a subdivision.
PLAT, FINAL: A map or chart of land subdivision, prepared in accordance with state law and these subdivision regulations, in a form suitable for filing in the office of the county clerk, including necessary affidavits, dedications, and acceptances, and containing a complete legal description including references to field markers sufficient to locate on the ground all streets, alleys, blocks, lots, and other elements of the subdivision.
PLAT, PRELIMINARY: A drawing or chart indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision complying with the requirements of this title to be submitted to the planning commission and city council for its consideration.
PLAT, SKETCH: A map or chart of a proposed land subdivision, prepared in accordance with these subdivision regulations.
PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING PLANS: Preliminary drawings (plan view) illustrating the location of the water distribution system, wastewater system, stormwater system, streets and other proposed improvements.
PRIVATELY FINANCED PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS (PFPI): The construction, reconstruction, replacement or alteration of any street, alley, curb, gutter, ditch, drainageway, channel, detention facility, storm sewer or other similar public works thereto, including sedimentation and erosion control measures, street and sidewalk cuts, sanitary sewers and water mains, located or to be located upon land owned in fee simple by the city of Bixby or upon easements or rights of way owned or controlled by or to be dedicated to the city of Bixby.
ROADWAY: That portion of any street so designated for vehicular traffic; and, where curbs are normally placed, means that portion of the street between the curbs.
SERVICE ROADS: A minor street auxiliary to and located parallel to a major street for service to abutting properties and adjacent areas and for control of access and including frontage roads or streets.
STOP WORK ORDER: A written order to the contractor or to the owner to stop work, and stating therein the nature of the reason for the issuance of such an order. Such orders may only be signed by the building official, or the city manager or designee.
STORMWATER DRAINAGE CRITERIA: All stormwater drainage improvements, facilities, structures and/or conveyance systems, both private and public, shall be designed in accordance with the engineering design manual adopted by resolution by the city of Bixby.
STREETS AND ALLEYS: A way for vehicular traffic, regardless of how designated. Where curbs are laid, the word "street" shall refer to that portion of the roadway between the curbs. Streets may be further designated as specified by the official map.
SUBDIVIDER: The owner, developer or designated agents of property to be divided into lots.
SUBDIVISION: A. The division of a parcel of land shown as a unit or contiguous units on the last proceeding tax roll into five (5) or more lots or parcels, any one of which contains two and one-half (21/2) acres or less, for the purpose of transfer of ownership or building development;
   B.   If a new public street is involved, any division of a parcel of land; or
   C.   The improvement of one or more parcels of land for residential, commercial, office or industrial structures, or groups of structures involving the division or allocation of land for the opening, widening or extension of any street or streets (except internal private streets); the division or allocation of land as open spaces for common use by owners, occupiers or leaseholders, or as easements for the extension and maintenance of public utilities or facilities;
   D.   Provided, that a division of land which may be ordered or approved by a court or effected by testamentary or interstate provisions, or a division of land for agricultural purposes into lots or parcels, or the exchange of parcels of land between owners of adjacent property to resolve common boundary disputes, where new lots are not thereby created and where neither of the lots resulting are reduced below the minimum size of a lot required by law, shall not be deemed a "subdivision". The term includes resubdivision, and when appropriate in context, shall relate to the process of subdividing land or to the land so subdivided.
SURVEYOR: A registered land surveyor in good standing with the state of Oklahoma board of registration for professional engineers and land surveyors.
ZONING CODE: The zoning code of the city of Bixby and any amendments thereto. (Ord. 854, 9-9-2002; amd. 2006 Code; Ord. 2026, 10-12-2009)