12-1-3: PURPOSES:
This title is adopted for the following purposes:
   A.   To provide for the physical development of the city in accordance with the comprehensive land use plan and the major street and highway plan, engineering standards, and storm water design criteria;
   B.   To provide the most beneficial relationship between the uses of land and buildings and the circulation of traffic throughout the city, having particular regard to the avoidance of congestion in the streets and highways, and the pedestrian traffic movement appropriate to the various uses of land and buildings, and to provide for the proper location and width of streets and building lines;
   C.   To secure and provide for the proper arrangement of streets or other highways in relation to the existing or planned streets or highways or to the comprehensive land use plan or plans of the area; for adequate and convenient open spaces for traffic, utilities, access of firefighting apparatus, parking lots, parks, playgrounds, light and air; and for the avoidance of congestion of population;
   D.   To establish a subdivision process that is as expeditious, efficient and cost effective as possible, while providing for public health, safety and general welfare. (Ord. 854, 9-9-2002)