§ 113.70  APPROVAL.
   (A)   In the event that the Ordinance Administrator does not approve the application, then the applicant may appeal the rejection directly to the Village Council, at a special meeting or regular meeting scheduled by the Village Council. The hearing must be requested in writing within 20 days of the denial of a permit.
   (B)   In the event that an applicant is denied and requests a hearing, the Ordinance Administrator shall direct all pertinent information directly to the Council, along with a report and recommendation to the Village Council and shall notify the owners of all abutting properties of the application and the date on which the request for permit will be considered by the Village Council.
   (C)   At the hearing, the Village Council shall consider the application and shall give all interested property owners an opportunity to be heard on the matter. The Village Council may thereafter grant the request for permit, deny the request or approve the request with conditions.
   (D)   A denial of a request which otherwise complies with the specific requirements of this subchapter and other applicable ordinances of the Village Council shall be based upon findings that the installation would have a substantial, detrimental effect upon one or more adjoining public or private properties or otherwise be contrary to public safety, health or welfare, specifying the basis for the findings.
   (E)   The conditions which may be attached or reasons for denial may relate to the following:
      (1)   Location;
      (2)   Size;
      (3)   Elevation;
      (4)   Color;
      (5)   Screening;
      (6)   Landscaping;
      (7)   Fencing; or
      (8)   Other matters having an impact on adjoining properties.
(1992 Code, § 62.006)  (Ord. 1-86, passed - - 1986)