(A)   The permittee shall make his or her service available to all residents of the village who can be reached by its distribution system as mutually agreed between the Council and the permittee. In general, the permittee shall extend service to new subscribers at the normal installation charge and monthly rate for customers of that classification where there are an average of 50 homes per each linear mile of new cable construction. In the event that the requirements cannot be met, extensions of service shall be required only on a basis which is reasonable and compensatory.
   (B)   A permittee shall furnish, free, without monthly fees, installation or service charges, his or her standard community antenna television service and facilities to all public and parochial schools, fire and police stations and hospitals within the Village of Birch Run provided the building is within 400 feet of an existing line of the system and, provided further that the service shall mean only an energized cable to the building. The cost of any internal wiring shall be borne by the institution.
   (C)   In the case of any emergency or disaster, the permittee shall, upon request of the village, make available his or her facilities to the village or the other governmental agency as may be designated by the village, for emergency use during a emergency or disaster period.
(1992 Code, § 30.010)  (Ord. 2-81, passed 9-24-1981)