In compliance with the requirements of § 13(1) of the Act, the village hereby modifies, to the extent necessary, any fees charged to telecommunications providers after November 1, 2002, the effective date of the Act, relating to access and usage of the public rights-of-way, to an amount not exceeding the amounts of fees and charges required under the Act, which shall be paid to the Authority. In compliance with the requirements of § 13(4) of the Act, the village also hereby approves modification of the fees of providers with telecommunication facilities in public rights-of-way within the village's boundaries, so that those providers pay only those fees required under § 8 of the Act. The village shall provide each telecommunications provider affected by the fee with a copy of this subchapter, in compliance with the requirement of § 13(4) of the Act. To the extent any fees are charged telecommunications providers in excess of the amounts permitted under the Act, or which are otherwise inconsistent with the Act, the imposition is hereby declared to be contrary to the village's policy and intent, and upon application by a provider or discovery by the village, shall be promptly refunded as having been charged in error.
(Ord. 02-03, passed 1-27-2003)