§ 111.07  LITTER.
   (A)   The special event sponsor shall provide for solid waste storage on, and removal from the premises. Storage shall be in approved, covered, fly-tight and rodent proof containers, provided in sufficient quantity to accommodate the number of attendees.
   (B)   It is the responsibility of event sponsors to remove, within 24 hours, all debris and litter generated by the event. Those who fail to do so are subject to the penalties set forth in §§ 93.20 through 93.23.
   (C)   Prior to issuance of any license, the licensee shall provide the village with a true copy of an executed agreement in force and effect with a licensed refuse collect, or other approved methods which will assure proper, effective and frequent removal of solid waste from the premises so as to neither create nor cause a nuisance or menace to the public health. The licensee shall implement effective control measures to minimize the presence of rodents, flies, roaches and other vermin on the premises. Poisonous materials, such as insecticides or rodenticides shall not be used in any way so as to contaminate food, equipment or otherwise constitute a hazard to the public.
(Ord. 02-02, passed 7-22-2002)