(A)   Application.  Any individual or organization wishing to sponsor or hold a special event in the Village of Birch Run shall be required to complete and file a Village of Birch Run Special Event Application at least 45 days prior to conducting the event. The application shall be on a form approved by the Village Council.
   (B)   Procedure.
      (1)   Obtain special event application form from the Village of Birch Run Office;
      (2)   Complete and file the application, along with any required additional documentation, with the Village Zoning Administrator. The processing fee, which is established from time to time by the Village Council, shall also be paid; and
      (3)   The Zoning Administrator will approve, approve with conditions or deny the request based on the applicant's demonstration of compliance with special event requirements. As a result of the review, the village may place special conditions on the event to insure that public interest is served. The special conditions may include, but are not limited to security personnel, water facilities, sanitary facilities and parking.
   (C)   Appeals and petitions.  A person aggrieved by any final decision of the Village Zoning Administrator may appeal the decision to the Village Council by filing a petition within 21 days from the date of the decision. The hearing on the petition will be scheduled at the next regular meeting not fewer than five days from the date the petition is received.
(Ord. 02-02, passed 7-22-2002)