(A)   A person who has not corrected violations necessary to entitle him or her to a renewal of the rental license of which he or she  has applied and paid the fee, and who has a valid contract in writing with a qualified licensed contractor for the performance of work and furnishing of materials to correct the violation, may petition the building official in writing for the temporary extension of the license. A renewal fee shall be required upon the approval of the petition by the building official.
   (B)   The petition shall be on a form provided by the village and shall contain the information therein requested and reasonably necessary to its decision. It shall include a written and signed statement by the person under contract to correct the violation, specifying the anticipated date of beginning and completion of the work. If after review of the petition the building official finds that:
      (1)   The delay in the correction of the violation is reasonable, taking into consideration the availability of qualified persons to do the work and the current work load; and
      (2)   The work can reasonably be undertaken and completed while the premises are occupied or that appropriate provision has been made for housing the tenant and/or tenants elsewhere during the necessary period when the rental housing unit is not habitable because of the work of correcting the ordinance violation; the building official shall issue a temporary extension of license. The temporary license shall expire on the date that the corrective work is scheduled to be completed. The petitioner shall, on or before the scheduled completion date, request a reinspection. The building official shall reinspect the rental housing unit and approve or deny the renewal license and list any remaining violations, as above provided.
(1992 Code, § 112.008)  (Ord. 2-82, passed - - 1982; Ord. 04-02, passed 2-23-2004)