§ 110.003  PURPOSE.
   Numerous complaints that have been received by police and village officials from occupants of residences and dwelling units about persons who have gained, or sought to gain, admittance to their residences for the purpose of soliciting or, on the pretext of soliciting, have by their conduct made nuisances of themselves by disturbing and annoying the occupants, or by their acts and conduct have violated the right of the occupants to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment and security of their homes; and in some cases persons have sought admittance to a residence as a solicitor for the purpose of gaining information for some illegal act. The village declares that the regulations established by this section are necessary for the safety, health, comfort, good order, protection and welfare of those residents of the village who desire the protection of the regulations established by this subchapter.
(Ord. 01-2006, passed 3-27-2006)