§ 110.002  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CHARITABLE.  The words patriotic, philanthropic, social service, welfare, benevolent, educational, civic or fraternal, either actual or purported.
   CONTRIBUTION.  Alms, food, clothing, money, subscription, property or donations under the guise of a loan of money or property.
   LICENSING AGENT.  The Village Clerk or the other village official or employee as may be designated by resolution of the Village Council.
   PEDDLER.  Any person who travels from house to house or place to place, or who, on the streets or alleys or open places, or in public grounds or places, sells or offers for sale, or exposes for sale, any goods, wares or merchandise to any person not a dealer therein, or who takes orders for the purchase of goods, wares or merchandise by samples, lists, catalogue or subscription for magazines and books from any person not a dealer therein. The term PEDDLER, as used in this chapter, shall not be applicable to any party selling the products of his or her own farm, orchard or garden on those premises.
   PERSON.  Any individual, partnership, association or corporation.
   PROMOTER.  Any person who promotes, manages, supervises, organizes or attempts to promote, manage, supervise or organize a campaign of solicitation.
   RELIGIOUS and RELIGION.  Shall not mean and include the word charitable, as defined in this section, but shall be given their commonly accepted definitions.
   SOLICIT and SOLICITATION.  The request, directly or indirectly, of money, credit, property, financial assistance or other thing of value on the plea or representation that money, credit, property, financial assistance or other thing of value will be used for a charitable or religious purpose by means of going from door to door.
   VILLAGE.  The Village of Birch Run.
(Ord. 01-2006, passed 3-27-2006)