A.   Fees Imposed: Beginning July 1, 1996, or upon repeal of Idaho Code title 39, chapter 65, whichever last occurs, a retail seller of tires shall collect a fee for each new tire sold in Bingham County. The fee shall be set by a fee schedule to be determined by resolution by the Board of County Commissioners. Said fee schedule shall be modified as necessary by the Board of County Commissioners by resolution. (Ord. 96-2, 5-25-1999, eff. 7-1-1999; amd. 2018 Code)
   B.   Wholesale Sellers Of Tires: A wholesale seller of tires who sells tires in Bingham County to the State of Idaho or a political subdivision of the State of Idaho or who sells tires to a private entity in Bingham County which does not resell the tires shall collect a fee which shall be the same as provided in subsection A of this section and shall be listed separately on any invoice.
   C.   Payment Of Fee; Deposit To Waste Tire Account: The fee imposed in this section shall be paid to the Bingham County Clerk for deposit on a quarterly basis in the Bingham County waste tire account.
   D.   Acceptance Of Tires: A retail seller of tires or a wholesale seller of tires shall accept waste tires from the retailer's customers at the point of transfer pursuant to this subsection. A seller shall accept up to the number of tires sold at that point of transfer annually and may accept additional tires. The seller shall accept tires from a seller's customer if the customer presents a receipt within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase.
   E.   Posting Of Notice: A seller of tires who is subject to the provisions of subsection D of this section shall post a written notice which is clearly visible in the public sales area of the establishment and which contains the following language:
It is unlawful to throw away a tire. Recycle all used tires. This retailer is required to accept scrap tires if any new or retreaded tires are purchased here. When any tire is purchased, an additional fee will be charged.
   F.   Credit Per Tire: A credit of ten cents ($0.10) per tire is allowed against the fee imposed under the provisions of this section for expenses incurred by the retail seller or wholesale seller of motor vehicle tires for accounting for and reporting the fees.
   G.   Exception: The provisions of this section do not apply to a person whose retail sales of tires are not in the ordinary course of business. (Ord. 96-2, 5-25-1999, eff. 7-1-1999)