Upon written application, public notice and public hearing as required by the Bingham County zoning ordinances, and upon compliance with any additional regulations or ordinances which may be promulgated by the Bingham County Board of Commissioners, the Bingham County Planning and Zoning Commission may, in its discretion, issue to any person a permit to operate a waste tire collection site for the storage of three thousand (3,000) or less waste tires. Even with a permit, waste tires must be lawfully disposed of within ninety (90) days of when the permit holder acquires and stores the tires. The procedure for the issuance of a waste tire collection site permit shall be the same as for obtaining a special use permit to operate a sanitary landfill under the Bingham County zoning ordinance as it exists at the time of the application. The zoning use districts wherein a special use permit may be issued for a waste tire collection site shall be Natural Resources (A/NR), Agricultural (A), Light Commercial (C1), Heavy Commercial (C2), Light Manufacturing (M1), and Heavy Manufacturing (M2). A waste tire collection site shall not be permitted in a Residential/Agricultural (R/A) or Residential (R) zoning use district. (Ord. 96-2, 5-25-1999, eff. 7-1-1999; amd. 2018 Code)