For the purpose of this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
NEW TIRE OR NEW RUBBER TRACK: A tire or rubber track which is not used or retreaded, and is being sold on the market for the first time.
PERSON: Any individual, firm, partnership, trust, corporation, association, or any group, organization or combination acting as a unit. This term includes any Municipal corporation, County, or governmental agency of the State and Federal government.
RETAIL SELLER OF TIRES AND WHOLESALE SELLER OF TIRES: Those persons who sell or lease motor vehicles to others in the ordinary course of business.
TIRE: The meaning contained in Idaho Code section 49-121 and tire or rubber track used in agricultural or highway ground travel.
WASTE TIRE: A tire that is no longer suitable for its original intended purpose because of wear, damage or defect, and includes tire bodies, carcasses or casings.
WASTE TIRE COLLECTION SITE: A site where waste tires are temporarily collected before being offered for recycling or reuse, and where more than two hundred (200) waste tires are kept on site on any day. (Ord. 96-2, 5-25-1999, eff. 7-1-1999)