A.   Certificate Of Zoning: No license shall be granted unless a certificate of zoning has been issued by the Bingham County Planning and Zoning Commission if the establishment is not within an incorporated City. The zoning certificate shall be filed with the application for a license; provided, however, that the zoning certificate shall not be required to renew licenses, unless a zoning certificate was not obtained when the license was originally issued, in which case a zoning certificate is required prior to issuance of the license.
   B.   Location: No retailer's license shall be issued to any person to sell beer, wine or liquor by the drink for consumption on the premises where any part of the room, or other place, for such sale or consumption is:
      1.   Within a radius of three hundred feet (300') of any part of a public school; or
      2.   Within a radius of three hundred feet (300') of any room within which the regular religious or Sunday school service of a duly organized and established religious sect are, or within which a hospital or nursing home is conducted and were or was so conducted prior to issuance of such license.
   C.   Exception: This limitation shall not apply to any duly licensed premises that at the time of licensing did not come within the restricted area, but subsequent to licensing came therein. (2018 Code)