A.   Transfer To Another Person; State And County Approval; Fee:
      1.   No license may be transferred to another person, including an executor, administrator, or trustee in bankruptcy of the estate of the licensee, until the transferee shall first have obtained a transfer from the Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control, and be approved by the Board of County Commissioners to such transfer. If the transferee possesses all of the qualifications and none of the disqualifications for such a license, the Board shall approve the transfer, which approval shall be attached and made a part of the license.
      2.   The fee for the transfer of a license shall be twenty dollars ($20.00).
      3.   No fee shall be collected in the following events:
         a.   The transfer of a license between husband and wife in the event of a property division.
         b.   The transfer of a license to a receiver, trustee in bankruptcy or similar person or officer.
         c.   The transfer of a license to the heirs or personal representative of the estate in the event of the death of the licensee.
         d.   The transfer of a license arising out of the dissolution of a partnership where the license is transferred to one or more of the partners.
         e.   The transfer of a license within a family whether an individual, partnership, or corporation.
   B.   Transfer From One Location To Another: Application to transfer a license from one location to another shall be made to the Board of County Commissioners on forms prescribed and furnished by the County Clerk. Such a transfer shall not be approved unless the application procedure for a new license has been complied with. In addition, before an existing license may be transferred to a new location, the applicant must satisfy all requirements of the Bingham County zoning ordinance. (2018 Code)