A.   Authority: The Bingham County Board of Commissioners have authority to adopt the provisions of this chapter pursuant to Idaho law, including, but not limited to Idaho Code sections 31-714, 31-715, and 31-716, Idaho Code sections 15-5-601, 15-5-602, and 15-5-603, and article XII, section 2 of the Constitution of the State of Idaho. (Ord. 2005-06, 5-16-2005; amd. 2018 Code)
   B.   Purpose: This chapter is intended to confirm and validate the creation and existence of the Bingham County Board of Guardians and to address the authority and structure of the Board of Guardians.
   C.   Findings: The Board of County Commissioners find and hereby determines that there exists a need within Bingham County for a guardian for those in need of guardianship and for whom there is no person or corporation qualified and willing to act in such capacity. Accordingly, it is deemed of public necessity that a Board of Guardians be created as set forth in Idaho Code title 15, chapter 5, part 6. (Ord. 2005-06, 5-16-2005)