(A)   (1)   The town shall develop policies and procedures designed to enable the organization to form a reasonable belief that a credit report relates to the consumer for whom it was requested.
      (2)   In an effort to ensure that the town maintains accurate address information for its consumers and to ensure the town provides accurate address information of its consumers to reporting agencies if requested, at least one of the following steps must be taken prior to providing the consumer’s address to the consumer reporting agency:
         (a)   Verify the address on file with the consumer;
         (b)   Confirm the address being sent to the consumer reporting agency matches the address the town has on file for that particular consumer;
         (c)   Compare the address with information received from any third-party source; or
         (d)   Verify by other means that are reasonably available at the time.
   (B)   If an accurate address is confirmed, the town shall furnish the consumer’s address to the nationwide consumer reporting agency from which it received the notice of address discrepancy if:
      (1)   The town establishes a continuing relationship with the customer; and
      (2)   The town regularly and in the ordinary course of business, furnishes information to the consumer reporting agency.
(2013 Code, § 18-67.5)