(A)   (1)   The town is primarily responsible for the prevention of contamination and pollution of the public water system. Such responsibility begins at the point of origin of the public water supply and includes all of the public water distribution system, and ends at the service connection to the consumer’s water system.
      (2)   In addition, the town shall exercise reasonable vigilance to ensure that the consumer has taken the proper steps to protect the public potable water system.
      (3)   When it is determined that a backflow prevention device is required for the protection of the public system of the town, the town shall require the consumer, at the consumer’s expense, to install an approved backflow prevention device at each service connection.
   (B)   (1)   The consumer has the prime responsibility of preventing contaminants and pollutants from entering his or her potable water system or the public water system at his or her service connection. The consumer, at his or her own expense, shall install, operate, and maintain an approved backflow prevention device and the service connection as directed by the town.
      (2)   Any testing, maintenance, and repairs of backflow prevention devices shall be made by a licensed plumber at the consumer’s expense. Installations are to be made by a licensed plumber.
   (C)   Enforcement of this subchapter shall be administered by the Director of Public Works in cooperation with the County Health Department - Environmental Health Division.
(2013 Code, § 18.65)