(a)   The Director shall issue a new permit or grant the renewal of an existing permit unless the applicant fails to meet the criteria or requirements set forth in Section 1266.19.
   (b)   The Director has the authority to revoke a previously approved application if the registered owner fails to meet the requirements of Section 1266.19.
   (c)   Revocation of a registration or denial of a registration renewal may be made at the discretion of the Director based upon any of the following violations:
      (1)   The applicant makes a material misrepresentation of fact on the application;
      (2)   The applicant has violated local, state, or federal fair housing and/or non-discrimination laws, including Section 1266.21.
      (3)   The short-term rental host is not in good standing in the payment of City of Bexley income taxes or property assessments.
      (4)   The applicant is not in compliance with this chapter.
      (5)   Any prostitution activity or evidence of human trafficking.
      (6)   Evidence of drug activity.
      (7)   A pattern of any of the following has been established to exist at the property:
         A.   Felonious activity;
         B.   More than two calls for service to the property, when in use as a short-term rental, during a consecutive twelve month period.
         C.   The short-term rental has a documented history or repeated conduct that endangers neighborhood safety or compromises the peaceful enjoyment of the neighborhood.
      (8)   Any other matter which may affect the health, welfare and safety of the community as a whole and the parcels in the immediate vicinity of the site.
   (d)   Evidence of conduct under division (c) of this section need only be that of de facto violation of law. Evidence of a conviction is not a prerequisite unless specifically indicated.
   (e)   Prior to revoking any previously approved application, the Director may suspend such permit for up to thirty calendar days.
   (f)   Any applicant or owner who has been denied, suspended, revoked or refused a license under this chapter may appeal such decision and request a hearing before the Board of Zoning and Planning within ten business days of such action. At the hearing, the applicant or owner may present evidence supporting the application and alleged compliance with this chapter.
The Board of Zoning and Planning shall consider all relevant evidence and information so presented along with the evidence considered by the Director or designee when denying or revoking the application.
(Ord. 11-20. Passed 6-9-20.)