An electric vehicle charging station is a public or private parking space(s) that is (are) served by battery charging equipment with the purpose of transferring electric energy to a battery or other energy storage device in an electric vehicle.
   (a)   An electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) shall be allowed within any legal single-family or multiple-family residential garage or carport subject to all applicable City code requirements in addition to the following:
      (1)   The EVCS shall be protected as necessary to prevent damage by automobiles
      (2)   The EVCS shall be designed to:
         (A)    Be safe for use during inclement weather.
         (B)   Be tamper-resistant to prevent injury particularly to children
         (C)   Be resistant to potential damage by vandalism.
         (D)   Be equipped with a mechanism to prevent the theft of electricity by an unauthorized user.
      (3)   The EVCS shall have complete instructions and appropriate warnings posted in an unobstructed location next to each EVCS.
   (b)    An EVCS shall be permitted as an accessory use within any existing legal garage or carport in a residential district, or within any existing legal commercial parking space in a parking lot or in a parking garage, subject to all applicable City code requirements and the following.
      (1)   EVCS for public use shall be subject to the following requirements:
         (A)   The EVCSs shall be located in a manner that will be easily seen by the public for informational and security purposes and shall be illuminated during evening business hours.
         (B)   Be located in desirable and convenient parking locations that will serve as an incentive for the use of electric vehicles.
         (C)   The EVCS pedestals shall be protected as necessary to prevent damage by automobiles.
         (D)   The EVCS pedestals shall be designed to minimize potential damage by vandalism and to be safe for use in inclement weather.
         (E)   Complete instructions and appropriate warnings concerning the use of the EVCS shall be posted on a sign in a prominent location on each station for use by the operator.
         (F)   One standard non-illuminated sign, not to exceed 4 square feet in area, may be posted for the purpose of identifying the location of each cluster of EVCSs.
         (G)   The EVCS may be on a timer that limits the use of the station to the normal business hours of the use(s) that it serves to preclude unauthorized use after business hours.
      (2)   Electric vehicle charging stations for private use shall:
         (A)   Be located in a manner that will not allow public access to the charging station.
         (B)   Comply with subsections (b)(1)(C) and (b)(1)(D) of this section.
         (C)   Electric vehicle charging stations for private use not located in a single-family residential garage or carport must also comply with subsection (b)(1)(E) of this section.
(Ord. 29-16. Passed 11-15-16.)