Any device, such as a wind charger, windmill, or wind turbine, and associated facilities including the support structure of the system such as a tower, that converts wind energy into electrical energy, shall comply with the following restrictions:
   (a)    Setbacks. Wind energy conversion systems shall meet the minimum yard setback requirements for the Zoning District in which the system is proposed to be located, or a minimum setback determined by doubling the height of the tower and subtracting 30 feet, whichever is greater. Setback distances shall be measured from the property line on which the system is located to the closest point on the perimeter of the turbine blade.
   (b)   Aesthetic Consideration. The wind turbine shall be either white or gray monochrome in color and advertising or identification of any kind on the system is prohibited, except for applicable warning and equipment information signage required by the manufacturer or by federal, state or local regulations. Lighting shall be limited only to what is required by the Federal Aviation Administration.
   (c)   Noise. Noise levels shall not exceed 50 decibels measured at the nearest property line of a Residential zoning district. The applicant for installation of a wind turbine shall submit a statement by an engineer licensed in the State of Ohio certifying that the proposed wind turbine will meet this noise standard with respect to impacts on properties in nearby Residential zoning districts.
   (d)    Maintenance. All wind energy conversion systems shall be kept in good repair and free from rust, damaged supports, framework or other components.
   (e)   Abandoned or Unused Towers. All abandoned or unused wind energy conversion systems shall be removed within twelve (12) months of the cessation of operations unless an extension is granted by the Board of Zoning and Planning. After the wind energy conversion system is removed, the owner or operator shall restore the site to its original, or to an improved, condition.
      (Ord. 29-16. Passed 11-15-16.)