All Bed & Breakfast uses shall conform to the following conditions:
   (a)    The owner of the bed-and-breakfast must reside in and continue to reside in the dwelling as his/her/their principal residence. The owner will provide a sworn statement certifying to such residency upon request of the Code Enforcement Officer.
   (b)   Residential buildings incorporating bed-and-breakfast as a Conditional Use shall be a minimum of 2,000 square feet in living area.
   (c)   The length of stay within a bed-and-breakfast shall be a maximum duration of one week or seven consecutive days, and documentation verifying the length of stay of each guest, such as a registration ledger or receipts will be made available to the Code Enforcement Officer or the Building Department upon request.
   (d)   Guest rooms may not be used as legal residences in order to enroll children into a school district.
   (e)   Meals served on the premises may only be for the guests of the facility.
   (f)   A minimum of one parking space shall be provided for each guest unit. Two additional spaces shall be provided for the owner-operator in addition to those for the guest units. Driveways may be used as off-street parking areas except for that portion of a driveway located between the front façade of the structure and the public ROW.
   (g)   Parking shall be screened by a solid wood fence, masonry wall or hedge at least six feet high along the property line adjacent to a residential property.
   (h)   No bed and breakfast shall be located within 400 feet of another bed and breakfast facility unless waived by Board of Zoning and Planning.
   (i)   No more than one employee shall be permitted to work on the premises at any time, and none shall be present between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. For purposes of this section, members of the owner's immediate family who are residents on the premises shall not be considered employees, whether or not paid.
   (j)   One sign shall be permitted identifying the property as a bed-and-breakfast inn. The sign shall not exceed three square feet in area, shall be set back a minimum of three feet from the road right-of-way and shall contain no information other than identification of the premises as the named bed-and-breakfast inn.
   (k)   The Board of Zoning and Planning's review of the application and site plan shall include but not be limited to the following considerations:
      (1)   Adequacy and arrangement of vehicle traffic access and circulation.
      (2)    Location, arrangement, appearance and sufficiency of off-street parking.
      (3)    Location, arrangement, size and design of lighting and signs.
      (4)    Relationship and compatibility of proposed use (bed-and-breakfast) to uses of adjacent parcels in the immediate vicinity, together with their scale.
      (5)    Adequacy, type and arrangement of trees, shrubs, fences and other landscaping or improvement constituting a visual or noise-deterring buffer between the site and adjacent or adjoining uses.
      (6)   Any other matter which may affect the health, welfare and safety of the community as a whole and the parcels in the immediate vicinity of the site.
(Ord. 29-16. Passed 11-15-16; Ord. 08-20. Passed 7-14-20.)