The Franklin County Hydrography Dataset developed by the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District may be used as a reference to determine the location of Alum Creek and the extent of required riparian setbacks. The dataset is an electronic map, created using GIS software. In the event of a conflict between the dataset and the application of a provision of Chapter 1258, the provision of Chapter 1258 will control. Although the dataset is a guide and believed to be accurate, the presence or absence of Alum Creek or riparian setbacks requiring protection shall be based upon actual conditions on the property. The Reference Map will be updated from time to time as observed or measured field conditions may change. Any changes to the Reference Map will be in accordance with all applicable federal or State of Ohio requirements related to riparian setbacks, storm water controls, flood control, or such other applicable laws or regulations.
(Ord. 29-16. Passed 11-15-16.)