1258.03 FINDINGS.
   It is hereby determined that the portion of Alum Creek that flows though the City of Bexley contributes to the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of Bexley. The specific purpose and intent of this district is to govern uses and developments within riparian setbacks that would impair the ability of riparian areas to:
   (a)   Reduce flood impacts by absorbing peak flows, slowing the velocity of floodwaters, and regulating base flow.
   (b)   Protect Alum Creek's physical, chemical and biological characteristics and maintain Alum Creek's functions.
   (c)    Preserve to the maximum extent practicable the natural drainage characteristics of the community and building sites.
   (d)    Preserve to the maximum extent practicable natural infiltration and ground water recharge, and maintain subsurface flow that replenishes water resources, wetlands, and wells.
   (e)    Reduce the long-term expense of remedial projects needed to address problems caused by inadequate storm water control.
   (f)    Reduce the need for costly maintenance and repairs to roads, embankments, sewage systems, ditches, water resources, and storm water management practices that are the result of inadequate storm water control due to the loss of riparian areas.
   (g)    Assist in stabilizing the banks of Alum Creek to reduce streambank erosion and the downstream transport of sediments.
   (h)    Reduce pollutants in Alum Creek during periods of high flows by filtering, settling, and transforming pollutants before they enter Alum Creek.
   (i)    Provide shade and nutrient inputs, thus regulating in-stream temperatures and providing food for aquatic communities.
   (j)    Reduce the presence of nuisance species to maintain a healthy, diverse aquatic system.
   (k)   Provide habitat to a wide array of wildlife by maintaining diverse and connected riparian vegetation.
   (l)    Benefit the Alum Creek watershed by minimizing encroachment on watercourse channels and the need for costly engineering solutions to protect structures and reduce property damage and threats to the safety of Alum Creek watershed residents; by contributing to the scenic beauty and environment of Alum Creek watershed; and by preserving the character and quality of life for the residents in the Alum Creek watershed, and corresponding property values.
      (Ord. 29-16. Passed 11-15-16.)