Operation Generally
432.01   Driving upon right side of roadway; exceptions.
432.02   Passing to right when proceeding in opposite directions.
432.03   Overtaking, passing to left; driver’s duties.
432.04   Overtaking, passing to right of vehicle.
432.05   Overtaking, passing to left of centerline.
432.06   Driving upon left side of roadway.
432.07   Hazardous or no passing zones.
432.08   Driving within lanes or continuous lines of traffic.
432.09   Following too closely.
432.10   Turning at intersections.
432.11   “U” turns restricted.
432.12   Starting and backing vehicles.
432.13   Signals before changing course, turning or stopping.
432.14   Hand and arm signals.
432.15   Right of way at intersections.
432.16   Right of way when turning left.
432.17   Operation of vehicle at stop and yield signs.
432.18   Emergency or public safety vehicles at stop signals or signs.
432.19   Right of way of public safety or coroner’s vehicle.
432.191   Report of vehicle failing to yield right of way to public safety vehicle.
432.20   Right of way at private driveway, alley or building.
432.21   Right of way of funeral procession.
432.22   Driving upon sidewalks, sidewalk areas or curbs.
432.23   Driver’s view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons.
432.24   Driving upon street posted as closed for repair.
432.25   Following and parking near emergency or safety vehicles.
432.26   Driving over fire hose.
432.27   Driving through safety zone.
432.28   One-way streets and rotary traffic islands.
432.29   Driving upon divided roadways.
432.30   Stopping for school bus; discharging children.
432.31   Driving across grade crossings.
432.32   Stopping at grade crossings.
432.33   Slow-moving vehicles or equipment at grade crossings.
432.34   Obstructing intersections, crosswalks or grade crossings.
432.35   “Peeling”; cracking exhaust noises.
432.36   Shortcutting across private property.
432.37   Driveways on streets having center parks.
432.38   Weaving; full time and attention; handheld communication devices.
432.39   Operation on paths set aside for bicycles.
432.40   Littering from motor vehicles.
432.41   Wearing earplugs or earphones prohibited.
432.42   Loud sound amplification systems prohibited.
432.43    Vehicular operation on street closed due to rise in water level.
432.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Obedience to traffic control devices - see TRAF. 414.01
Yielding right of way to pedestrians on sidewalks - see TRAF. 416.09
Operation of bicycles and motorcycles - see TRAF. 474.01 et seq.
Operation of snowmobiles and all purpose vehicles - see TRAF. 476.03, 476.04