The Chief of Police of the City of Bexley may create within the Bexley Police Department a reserve police force, under the following rules and regulations:
   (a)   Term of Service. Reserve Police Officers shall serve so long as the Chief of Police may direct, or until a resignation submitted by such member shall be accepted by the Chief of Police.
   (b)   Qualifications of Members. The members of the reserve police force shall be appointed only after a thorough character investigation. At no time shall such force exceed ten members in number and no member shall be under the age of twenty-one years.
   (c)   Control of Reserve Police. The Chief of Police shall be the commanding officer of the reserve police force and shall have control of the assignment, training, stationing and the direction of work of such force. The reserve police force will have all police powers but shall perform only such police duties as assigned by the Chief of Police and shall act only when in the prescribed uniform. The Chief of Police shall prescribe the time and place such uniform shall be worn. Such reserve members shall obey the chain of command of the Police Department and shall take orders from all regularly appointed members thereof.
   (d)   Rules and Regulations. The Chief of Police shall prescribe the rules and regulations for the conduct and control of the reserve police force.
   (e)   Type of Uniform. The Chief of Police is authorized to prescribe the type of uniform which shall be worn by members of the reserve police force.
   (f)   Service by Voluntary Basis. All services performed by the reserve police officers shall be on a voluntary basis within the corporate limits of the City, and reserve police officers shall be paid the sum of one dollar ($1.00) per annum for their services.
   (g)   Equipment. It is the responsibility of each reserve police officer to purchase all new equipment and to replace worn equipment authorized for use by the Chief of Police.
   (h)   Nonliability. This section is declared by Council as an exercise by the City of its police powers for the protection of public peace, health, property, safety and general welfare, and neither the City, nor any individual, firm, partnership, corporation nor the receiver nor trustee nor any other agent thereof who, in good faith, executes any executive order, rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be liable for injury or damage sustained to person or property as a direct or proximate result of such action.
   (i)   Insurance. At the Mayor’s/Safety Director’s discretion he may purchase annually a contract of insurance for coverage of death, disability or medical expenses of reserve officers killed or injured while on duty as a member of the safety forces of this City.
   (j)   Executive Order. The Mayor/Safety Director is authorized and directed to promulgate such executive orders, rules and regulations as, in his discretion, are either necessary or desirable in the administration of the reserve police force.
   (k)   Conflict. The provisions of this section, individually or severally, shall not be construed as intended by Council to be in conflict with any Federal or State statute or with any military order, rule or regulation.
      (Ord. 30-08. Passed 4-8-08.)