(a)    There is hereby created within the Police Department the Park Police. The Mayor, jointly holding the position of Director of Public Safety, shall be the executive head of the Park Police and shall make all appointments and removals. The Mayor-Public Safety Director is hereby authorized to commission such Park Police as he may deem necessary and all such commissions shall be temporary and may be revoked at any time by the Mayor-Public Safety Director.
   (b)    The Chief of Police, with the approval of the Mayor-Public Safety Director, shall prescribe the rules and regulations, training, administration, control and conduct of the Park Police.
   (c)    The Chief of Police is hereby authorized to prescribe the uniform to be worn and the equipment to be used by members of the Park Police.
   (d)    A Park Policeman is hereby authorized to issue orders, either in person or by writing, or by means of visible or audible signals, for the purpose of controlling the use of City-owned or City-controlled parks.
   (e)    No person shall refuse or fail to comply with any lawful order, signal or direction of an officer of the Park Police. No person shall resist, hinder, obstruct or abuse any officer of the Park Police attempting to arrest offenders under any law applicable on or about City-owned or City-controlled parks.
   (f)    Officers of the Park Police shall only have police power to enforce City ordinances and State law within City-owned or City-controlled parks during assigned duty hours. The Park Police shall obey the chain of command of the Police Department.
   (g)    Members of the Park Police are not eligible for membership in the Police Relief and Pension Fund under Ohio R. C. 741.31 to 741.54, inclusive. Compensation shall be regulated by the City salary schedule authorized by Council.
(Ord. 15-77. Passed 4-12-77.)