(A)   The Council President and Clerk-Treasurer are authorized and directed to undertake the efforts necessary to create and properly maintain a listing of all of the e-mail addresses of residents of the town who have them.
      (1)   The list of e-mail addresses of town residents shall be loaded into the town's computer system in such a way that it can be readily accessible for editing and use by the town for official business, but is not accessible or useable by anyone else.
      (2)   The town shall contract with an e-mail service provider that provides the most effective and efficient service for creating the e-mail address list, properly securing it, and use thereof by the town.
   (B)   Any costs for the creation of the town's e-mail list and loading it onto the town's computer system shall be paid from the town's CEDIT funds, and any costs of operation shall be paid from the general fund.
   (C)   The town's e-mail address list shall be used for official town business only; access to it shall be limited to the Council System Administrator, Clerk-Treasurer, Town Marshal and Town Fire Chief, each of whom shall make themselves available for training on how to use it; access to it shall not be sold, traded, leased, licensed or otherwise provided to anyone other than the town officials specified herein; and the list, as it exists from time to time, shall not be sold, traded, leased, licensed or otherwise provided to anyone.
   (D)   Non-emergency communications require Town Council approval.
   (E)   For their own safety and protection, all town residents who have an e-mail address should forthwith provide such address(es), and any changes thereto, to the Council System Administrator or Clerk-Treasurer so that a comprehensive list of town resident e-mail addresses can be created, updated and maintained by the town.
   (F)   Any unauthorized use or possession of, or access to, the town's e-mail address list known to a town official shall be promptly reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities as, at a minimum, a theft or conversion of town property.
       (1)   Any violation of this section shall be punished pursuant to § 10.98, Fine Schedule.
      (2)   The Town may pursue all other available legal and equitable remedies to terminate the wrongful access, possession, and/or use of the list and to recover any and all compensatory damages, losses, and expenses suffered by the town.
      (3)   The wrongful use of the town's e-mail list constitutes a nuisance and may be treated accordingly in all respects.
      (4)   Any town resident who is directly adversely affected by any wrongful access, possession, and/or use of the list may take legal action to stop such wrongful activity and recover any compensatory damages resulting therefrom.
(Ord. 08-06, passed 9-15-2008)