(A)   Payments may be made by the Clerk-Treasurer for the town and its utility for any lawful purpose by any of the following financial instruments:
      (1)   Warrant or negotiable order of withdrawal pursuant to the provisions of I.C. 36-5-4 et seq., I.C. 5-11-10 et seq., and I.C. 5-13-5 et seq.; and
      (2)   Bank card or credit card. The Clerk-Treasurer shall be the sole responsible officer for the card.
   (B)   Pursuant to I.C. 5-13-5-5, transactions or payments may be made by the Clerk-Treasurer for the town for any purpose specified in division (C) of this section, by any of the following financial instruments:
      (1)   Electronic funds transfer; and
      (2)   Wire funds or Automated Clearing House (ACH).
   (C)   In making payments under division (B) of this section the Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain adequate documentation of the transactions so that they may be audited as provided by law, and the use of the instruments set forth in division (B) of this section shall be limited to the following purposes:
      (1)   Property or services purchased or leased from:
         (a)   The United States government; or
         (b)   An agency or a political subdivision of the United States government;
      (2)   Insurance premiums;
      (3)   Utility payments or utility connection charges;
      (4)   Federal grant programs if:
         (a)   Advance funding is not prohibited; and
         (b)   The contracting party provides sufficient security for the amount advanced;
      (5)   Grants of state funds authorized by statute;
      (6)   Lease agreements or rental agreements;
      (7)   Principal and interest payments on bonds;
      (8)   Payroll;
      (9)   State, federal, or county taxes; and
      (10)   Lawful purposes that may be identified by the Clerk-Treasurer and authorized in writing by the town’s Chief Executive and not inconsistent with this subchapter.
(Ord. 2011-05, passed 12-19-2011)