WHEREAS, Indiana Code 36-1-5 grants municipalities the authority to codify, revise, rearrange and compile ordinances into a complete, simplified code, excluding the formulaic parts of those ordinances; and
   WHEREAS, The Beverly Shores Town Council has previously authorized the revision, rearrangement, restatement and amendment of its Town Code into book format by American Legal Publishing Corporation, with the publication of which to be known as the "Town of Beverly Shores, Indiana, Code of Ordinances" which proposed recodification is current as of Ordinance 2018-02;
   NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Beverly Shores Town Council, Indiana, as follows:
   Section 1. The ordinances of the Town of Beverly Shores, Indiana, as previously adopted by the Beverly Shores Town Council are hereby revised, rearranged, restated, amended, codified and compiled in book form and as readopted shall constitute the Town of Beverly Shores, Indiana Code of Ordinances ("Town Code"), a copy of which is attached hereto and the same being incorporated herein by reference as if set out fully herein and is hereby ratified, confirmed and approved in all respects.
   Section 2. The official copy shall be filed with the Town of Beverly Shores Clerk-Treasurer's office. A copy of the Town Code shall be made available for public inspection during normal business hours in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer.
   Section 3. All prior ordinances pertaining to those subjects contained in the Town Code shall hereby be deemed repealed and replaced by the Town Code adopted by this Ordinance. Said repeal shall not affect any offense committed or penalty incurred or any right established prior to the effective date of said Town Code, nor shall such repeal affect the provisions of ordinances levying funds, appropriating money, annexing or detaching territory, authorizing franchises or granting special rights, authorizing public improvements, authorizing the issuance of bonds or the borrowing of money, authorizing the purchase or sale of property, granting or accepting easements, plats, dedications of land to public use, the naming or vacating of streets, alleys or other public places, nor to any other ordinance of a temporary or special nature pertaining to subjects not contained in said Town Code.
   Section 4. All ordinances adopted after Ordinance 2018-02 shall be incorporated into the Town Code, as revised herein.
   Section 5. The Town Code as herein adopted shall be deemed in effect as of the date of the adoption of this Ordinance by the Beverly Shores Town Council. The Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Beverly Shores shall publish a copy of this Ordinance.
   ALL OF WHICH IS PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Beverly Shores Town Council this 20 day of November, 2018.
   Donna Norkus /s/
   Donna Norkus, President
   Geof Benson /s/
   Geoff Benson
   Greg Brown /s/
   Greg Brown
   Catherine Matrona Malik /s/
   Catherine Matrona Malik
    Brian O'Neil /s/
   Brian O’Neil
Ellen Hundt /s/
Ellen Hundt, Clerk-Treasurer