§ 155.206  ESCROW DEPOSIT.
   (A)   When new or altered commercial use or occupancy is proposed that may, in the opinion of the Building Committee, involve a possible violation of the regulations of this subchapter, then the Building Commissioner shall, as a condition precedent to the issuing of a permit for the use or occupancy, require the deposit in escrow of $1,000 for a period of 1 year from the date of the new or altered use or occupancy.
   (B)   If, during the 1-year period, the Building Committee believes there is reasonable probability that the regulations of this subchapter are being violated they may employ a qualified technician or technicians to perform measurement, investigations and analysis to determine whether or not the regulations of this subchapter are being violated, and they may pay their reasonable fees out of the aforementioned escrow deposit, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.
   (C)   If the reasonable fees of the technician or technicians exceed the amount of any available escrow deposit, and if a violation of this subchapter is discovered, the fees may be recovered as a penalty in the same manner as, and in addition to, the penalties otherwise provided for the violation of this chapter. Escrow deposits or remainders of escrow deposits shall be returned to the depositor at the expiration of the escrow period.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)  Penalty, see § 155.999