No operation or activity under the control of the property user other than well drilling or railroad train operations shall cause or create vibration in excess of the limits herein permitted.
   (A)   Permitted vibration levels. Vibration levels may not exceed those shown in either column of the following table when measured at the lot line, or at any point in any Residential District outside the lot, respectively.
Maximum Particle Velocity at Lot Line
Maximum Particle Velocity in Residential District
Steady vibrations
Impulsive vibrations
Intermittent vibrations
   (B)   Measurement.
      (1)   Vibration displacements shall be measured with an instrument capable of simultaneously measuring in 3 mutually perpendicular directions.
      (2)   Particle velocity is to be determined by the formula 8.2 FA, where F is the frequency of the vibration in cycles per second and A is the maximum single amplitude displacement of the vibrations in inches.
      (3)   For the purposes of this chapter, STEADY VIBRATIONS are vibrations in discrete impulses more frequent than 100 per minute.
      (4)   Vibrations in discrete impulses which do not exceed 100 per minute but exceed 8 per 24 hours shall be considered IMPULSIVE VIBRATIONS.
      (5)   Vibrations in discrete impulses which do not exceed 8 per 24-hour period shall be considered INTERMITTENT.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)  Penalty, see § 155.999