(A)   Construction plans shall be prepared for all required improvements to be installed by the subdivider. Plans shall be drawn at a scale of no more than 50 feet to the inch, and map sheets shall be of the same size as the preliminary plat.
   (B)   The following shall be shown:
      (1)   Profiles showing existing and proposed elevations along center lines of all roads. Where a proposed road intersects an existing road or roads, the elevation along the center line of the existing road or roads within 100 feet of the intersection, shall be shown, plus approximate radii of all curves, lengths of tangents and central angles on all streets;
      (2)   The Commission may require, where steep slopes exist, that cross sections of all proposed streets at 100 foot stations shall be shown at 5 points as follows: One line at right angles to the center line of the street; each property line; and points 25 feet inside each property line;
      (3)   Plans and profiles showing the locations and typical cross section of street pavements including curbs and gutters; sidewalks, drainage easements, servitudes, rights-of-way and catch basins; the location of street signs; the location, size and invert elevations and of existing proposed sanitary sewers, storm water drains and fire hydrants, showing connection to any existing or proposed utility systems; and exact location and size of all water, or other underground utilities or structures;
      (4)   Location, size, elevation and other appropriate description of any existing facilities or utilities, including, but not limited to, existing streets, drains, easements, water bodies, streams, floodplains and other pertinent features within the proposed subdivision;
      (5)   Topographic at the same scale as the preliminary plat with a contour interval of 2 feet, referred to sea level datum. All datum provided shall be latest applicable U.S. Coast Guard and Geodetic Survey datum and should be so noted on the plat;
      (6)   All specifications and references required by the local government's construction standards and specifications, including a site grading plan for the entire subdivision; and
      (7)   Title(s), name(s), address(s) and signature(s) of registered engineer and land surveyor, and date.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)  Penalty, see § 155.999