§ 155.180  SECONDARY PLAT.
   (A)   General.
      (1)   The secondary plat shall be prepared by a registered land surveyor or engineer at a scale of not more than 1 inch equals 100 feet.
      (2)   It shall be prepared in pen and ink and the sheets shall be numbered in sequence if more than 1 sheet is used.
      (3)   All sheets shall be of a size as is acceptable for filing in the office of the County Recorder, but shall not be larger than 34 by 44 inches.
      (4)   The map prepared for final plat shall be drawn on tracing cloth or reproducible Mylar.
   (B)   Features. The secondary plat shall show the following:
      (1)   The dimensions of all boundary lines of the property expressed in feet and hundredths of a foot, the bearings of all lines to a minimum of 1/2 minute;
      (2)   The location, width or size of existing streets, easements, water bodies and other pertinent features such as swamps, railroads, buildings, parks, cemeteries, drainage ditches, bridges and culverts, as determined by the Plan Commission;
      (3)   The location and width of all proposed streets, easements, alleys and other public ways and proposed street rights-of-way and building setback lines;
      (4)   The locations, dimensions and areas of all proposed or existing lots including dimensions of all lot lines expressed in feet and hundredths of a foot, and bearings of all lines to a minimum of 1/2 minute;
      (5)   The location and dimensions of all property proposed to be set aside for park or playground use, or other public or private reservation, with designation of the purpose thereof, and conditions, if any, of dedication or reservation;
      (6)   The name and address of the owner of land to subdivided; the name and address of the subdivider, if other than the owner; and the name and address of the land surveyor or engineer. Also, citation of last instrument conveying title to each parcel of property involved, giving grantor, grantee, date and land record reference;
      (7)   The date, north arrow and scale;
      (8)   Sufficient data acceptable to the Building Commissioner to determine readily the location, bearing and length of lines for reproduction of lines upon the ground;
      (9)   The location of all proposed and existing monuments;
      (10)   Name of the subdivision;
      (11)   Indication of the use of any single-family residential lot and all uses other than residential proposed by the subdivider;
      (12)   Lots shall be consecutively numbered, and blocks shall be lettered in alphabetical order;
      (13)   The plat should include the following notations:
         (a)   Explanation of drainage easements (if any);
         (b)   Explanation of site easements (if any);
         (c)   Explanation of reservations (if any); and
         (d)   Endorsement of owner with date and signature.
      (14)   A block or space shall be set aside on the final plat in the following form for endorsement by the Commission President:
            Approved by Resolution of the __________________ Plan Commission.
                  _______________                              ________
               President                                          Date
                _______________                              ________
               ATTEST: Secretary                            Date
      (15)   The lack of information under any item specified herein, or improper information supplied by the applicant, shall be cause for disapproval of a final plat.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)  Penalty, see § 155.999