§ 155.179  PRIMARY PLAT.
   (A)   General.
      (1)   The primary plat shall be prepared by a licensed land surveyor or engineer at a scale of not more than 1 inch equals 100 feet.
      (2)   It may be prepared in pen or pencil and the sheets shall be numbered in sequence if more than 1 sheet is used.
      (3)   All sheets shall be of a size as is acceptable for filing in the office of the County Recorder, but shall not be larger than 34 by 44 inches.
      (4)   The map prepared for the preliminary plat may be drawn on tracing cloth or reproducible Mylar.
   (B)   Name:
      (1)   Name of subdivision if property is within an existing subdivision; and
      (2)   Proposed name, if not within a previously platted subdivision.
   (C)   Ownership:
      (1)   Name(s) and address(s), including telephone number(s), of legal or beneficial owner(s) or agent of property;
      (2)   Citation of any existing legal rights-of-way or easements affecting the property;
      (3)   Existing covenants on the property, if any; and
      (4)   Name and address, telephone number and registration number of the professional engineer and surveyor responsible for subdivision design, for the design of public improvements and for surveys.
   (D)   Description:
      (1)   Location of property by lot or section, township, range and county (metes and bounds); and
      (2)   Graphic scale, north arrow and date shall be included.
   (E)   Features:
      (1)   Location of property line, existing easements, burial grounds, railroad rights-of-way, watercourses and existing wooded areas or trees 12 inches or more in diameter, measured 4 feet above ground level; location, width and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways within the tract;
      (2)   The location of property with respect to surrounding property and streets, including the names of all adjoining property owners of record, the names of adjoining developments and names of adjoining streets;
      (3)   Location, size, invert elevations and slopes of existing sewers, water mains, culverts and other underground structures within the tract and existing permanent buildings and utility poles on the tract;
      (4)   Approximate topographic contours shown at 5-foot intervals in rolling or hilly terrain and 2-foot intervals in level terrain, referenced to sea level datum and an established bench mark;
      (5)   The approximate location and width of proposed streets;
      (6)   Proposals for a means of providing water supply and sanitary waste disposal and treatment; preliminary provisions for collecting and discharging surface water drainage;
      (7)   The approximate location, dimensions and area of all proposed or existing lots;
      (8)   The approximate location, dimensions and area of all parcels of land proposed to be set aside for park or playground use or other public use, or for the use of property owners in the proposed subdivision;
      (9)   The location of temporary stakes to enable the local officials to find and appraise features of the proposed layout of the field, if needed;
      (10)   Whenever the primary plat covers only a part of the applicant's contiguous holdings, the applicant shall submit at the scale of no more than 1 inch equals 500 feet, a sketch of the entire holdings, including the proposed subdivision area, showing an indication of the probable future street and drainage systems, for the remaining portion of the tract; and
      (11)   (a)   A vicinity map showing streets and other general development of the surrounding area.
         (b)   The primary plat shall show all school and improvement district lines with the districts properly designated.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)  Penalty, see § 155.999