(A)   General. The following items are required for the technical conference:
      (1)   Location and description of property:
         (a)   Location of property by street, block and adjacent subdivisions (with block and lot numbers) as applicable shall be specified or in the case of unsubdivided properties, location by township range and section (metes and bounds); and
         (b)   Size of tracts in acres or of existing lots, if any, in square feet.
      (2)   Information as to ownership:
         (a)   Name(s), address(s) and telephone number(s) of the legal or beneficial owner(s) of the property;
         (b)   Description of any existing legal rights-of-way or easements affecting the property; and
         (c)   Listing of any existing covenants on the property.
   (B)   Drawing showing existing features. A hand-drawn sketch at a scale of approximately 50 feet to the inch shall show information for the property which is proposed to be subdivided, and for adjoining properties for a distance of not less than 500 feet, which will include:
      (1)   A general layout of streets, blocks and lots for the entire tract under control of the subdivider;
      (2)   Identification of any general area to be set aside for schools, parks or other community facilities;
      (3)   Identification of sites for uses other than single-family dwellings; and
      (4)   General indications of how the subdivision is to be provided with water service, sanitary sewers and storm drainage.
   (C)   Supplemental information:
      (1)   The boundary of the property and its true relationship to the right-of-way of the existing road(s) upon which it may border;
      (2)   The location and name of all adjacent subdivisions, if any, and names of owners of adjacent unsubdivided property;
      (3)   Present zoning classification;
      (4)   The location, width and type of use of any existing roads, rights-of-way, easements or other special purpose areas within the property, or immediately adjacent thereto, the location of towers, poles or other structures in connection with electric transmission lines;
      (5)   Approximate location of any existing underground utilities, such as sewers, water mains, storm drains, gas or oil transmission lines and the like, within the property or immediately adjacent thereto, with approximate pipe size and directions of slope; and
      (6)   (a)   Existing topography with suitable contour intervals, giving bench marks, not greater than 5 feet, together with drainage channels, streams, springs, flood zones, rock outcrops, buildings, wooded areas or other features likely to affect the plan.
         (b)   The source and accuracy of the topographic details shown on the plan shall be in terms of U.S.G.S. data and/or field survey.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)  Penalty, see § 155.999