The following sign regulations shall apply in the General Commercial District:
   (A)   No animated signs shall be permitted in the General Commercial District.
   (B)   No pennants, streamers or inflatable devices shall be permitted in the General Commercial District.
   (C)   Roof and wall signs shall be permitted.
   (D)   Except for a gas station and mini-marts or convenience stores with fuel pumps, pylon signs are not permitted.
   (E)   No billboards shall be permitted in the General Commercial District.
   (F)   Signs shall not be located in any public right-of-way and shall not be any closer than 5 feet to any boundary lot line.
   (G)   A sign zoning parcel may contain multiple signs for each permitted use on the sign zoning parcel provided that their total area does not exceed 100 square feet in the aggregate and no individual sign shall be larger than 36 square feet.
   (H)   All illuminated signs shall be front lit and the lighting fixtures shall be mounted facing down at or near the top of the sign structure and located a minimum of 200 feet from any residential property line or any residential lot of record.
   (I)   Signs shall not be attached to any tree or shrub.
   (J)   All existing permanent wall and freestanding signs lawfully in existence immediately prior to December 16, 2013 can remain until removed or replaced by a lawful sign as defined by this subchapter or until such time as said existing legal sign is no longer safely maintained or the use is changed. An existing sign may be changed so long as the sign’s gross surface area is not increased.
(Ord. 2013-09, passed 12-16-2013; Am. Ord. 2018-06, passed 8-21-2018)