§ 155.106  PERMITTED USES.
   Property in the General Commercial District may be used for one or more of the following uses, in compliance with the standards and the requirements contained in regulations for the General Commercial District:
   (A)   Retail store offering: hardware, clothing, groceries, meats, milk and milk products, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, confectionaries, beverages, flowers, plants, books, furnishings or other household supplies, camping supplies, rentals of bicycles and other non-motorized recreational equipment, antiques, books, newspapers, magazines, paper products, art supplies, art products, hardware, jewelry, clocks, optical goods, cameras, home appliances, videos, computers or electronic equipment.
   (B)   Gas station and mini-mart or convenience store with fuel pumps, provided:
      (1)   All activities except those to be performed at the fuel pumps, air pumps or outside vending machine are performed within a completely enclosed building.
      (2)   Servicing of vehicles and body repairs and/or painting shall not be permitted.
      (3)   Canopies shall be designed to be architecturally compatible with structures in the surrounding area with regard to color and building materials.
      (4)   One pylon sign is permitted on the sign zoning parcel, provided that it does not exceed 25 feet in height.
   (C)   Club or fraternal organization.
   (D)   Personal service shop offering: hair care, shoe repair, tailoring, nail care, tanning, and dry cleaning (pick-up establishments only; no on-site processing).
   (E)   Business or professional office.
   (F)   Office of doctor, dentist, and other healthcare providers.
   (G)   Studio for dance, art, music, or photography.
   (H)   Health club or exercise facility.
   (I)   Business services establishment including copy centers, retail printing and duplication services, computer rental and copying centers, and shipping, cartage, express and parcel delivery services and sale of office equipment and supplies.
   (J)   Bank or financial institution.
   (K)   Restaurant, diner or coffee shop, excluding drive-through facilities. Outdoor dining is permitted.
   (L)   Liquor store.
   (M)   Bar or tavern. Outdoor service is permitted.
   (N)   Religious institution.
   (O)   Municipal building, office, and uses.
   (P)   Post office.
   (Q)   A mobile food truck, cart or van that serves food and beverages on the lot that is either owned by the mobile food truck, cart or van operator or is leased, licensed or granted occupancy rights by the owner of the lot to the mobile food truck, cart or van operator. The mobile food truck, cart or van shall remain parked on the lot during hours of its operation and shall vacate the lot after hours. The dining area must contain a temporary barrier from the parking area. The mobile food truck, cart or van shall obtain a permit from the Porter County Health Department and shall comply with all applicable federal, state, county and municipal ordinances, statutes, laws, rules, regulations, permits and orders.
   (R)   Outdoor farmers' market.
   (S)   Outdoor fruit or vegetable stand.
   (T)   Garden center.
   (U)   Antique restorations.
   (V)   Pharmacy.
   (W)   Art gallery.
   (X)   Accessory use on the lot, which is customarily incidental to the primary use, permitted and utilized. Accessory uses shall meet all requirements for permitted uses.
   (Y)   All uses permitted in the Residential District are permitted provided, however, that the residential use and the building and other structures shall be built in accordance with and conform to the regulations of the Residential District.
(Ord. 2013-09, passed 12-16-2013; Am. Ord. 2018-06, passed 8-21-2018)