(A)   Creation.
      (1)   The Town Council shall appoint a Green Space Committee to encourage and assist owners of undeveloped property in Beverly Shores to donate property to the town to protect natural and open areas and add to public lands (green space) in Beverly Shores.
      (2)   The Town Council shall initially appoint 5 residents, no more than 1 of whom may be serving on the Town Council, to serve on the committee for 1-, 2- or 3-year terms, and after the first 3 years the appointments will be for 3-year terms.
   (B)   Duties. The committee members shall be responsible for:
      (1)   Advising potential donors to investigate federal and state tax law procedures for obtaining tax deductions for their land donations;
      (2)   (a)    The Committee shall discuss with all potential land donors the benefits of allowing their donated land to be used as public parks in Beverly Shores, but shall not make park use a criterion for acceptance.
         (b)   If a potential donor requests that his or her land be designated as permanently protected green space rather than as public park land, and if the Committee agrees tbat the land should be accepted with that designation, the Committee shall make its recommendation to the Town Council that the land be accepted as permanently protected green space. As a part of its recommendation, the Committee shall advise the Town Council about land stewardship needs for the donated land.
      (3)   Regularly submitting recommendations, based on criteria that the Committee shall recommend to the Plan Commission for approval, to the Town Council for acceptance of donated land parcels;
      (4)   After Town Council approval, registering the land titles of donated property with the Porter County Recorder of Deeds;
      (5)   Ensuring the town's title to the property is valid and recorded with the Clerk-Treasurer; and
      (6)   Annually at the time of member appointment, the Town Council shall review the Committee's activities to assure that the Committee is properly conducting the business of the town in effectively acquiring and stewarding non-parklands owned by the town.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983; Am. Ord. 10-04, passed 6-21-2010)