For purposes of carrying out the intent of this chapter, the following words, phrases, and terms shall have the meanings set forth herein unless a different meaning is clearly intended by the use and context of the word, phrase or term:
ABOVEGROUND: Projecting more than one-half inch (1/2") above the adjacent finished grade where the facility is to be located.
CITY COUNCIL: The city council of the city of Beverly Hills.
DIRECTOR: The deputy city manager of capital assets of the city of Beverly Hills or designee unless otherwise specified.
FACILITY: Any fiber optic, coaxial, or copper cable, telephone, telecommunications, electric or other wire or line, antenna or antenna soil, gas, or other pipeline, duct, conduit, cabinet, tunnel, vault, equipment, drain, manhole, splice box, surface location, marker, pole structure, utility, or other appurtenance, structure, property, or tangible thing owned, leased, operated, or licensed by a person and located or proposed to be located in, upon, above, beneath, or across any public right of way.
PERMITTEE: A person to whom the city has granted a right of way use permit under this chapter or any lawful successor, transferee, or assignee of such person.
PERSON: Any person, business, firm, corporation, or other legal entity who places, constructs, owns, controls, operates, manages, or uses any facility in, upon, above, beneath, or across any public right of way.
PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY: The area in, upon, above, beneath, or across any public street, road, lane, court, alley, boulevard, sidewalk, pathway, median, parkway, park, open space, landscape lot, drainage facility, easement or other public place or property within the city, as it now or hereafter exists.
RIGHT OF WAY USE PERMIT: The authorization granted by the city to a person under this chapter giving the person a nonexclusive right to occupy certain space in, upon, above, beneath, or across any public right of way for the purpose of providing a specified service. (Ord. 13-O-2647, eff. 10-11-2013)