The following rules shall govern the interpretation and administration of the health code and public health licensing regulations adopted in this chapter:
   A.   Whenever the word "county" or any abbreviation thereof appears in said health code or regulations, it shall be interpreted and deemed to mean the word "city".
   B.   Whenever the words "Los Angeles" or any abbreviation thereof appear in said health code or regulations, they shall be interpreted and deemed to mean the words "Beverly Hills".
   C.   Whenever there is a conflict between any of the provisions of the health code and/or regulations, and other sections of this code or laws of the city relating specifically to the same subject matter, the latter shall prevail.
   D.   The definition or regulation of any activity, condition, or structure in the health code or regulations shall not be interpreted or deemed to permit or allow the conduct of any such activity or the construction or maintenance of any such condition or structure as may be otherwise prohibited or restricted by any other section of this code or other laws of the city heretofore or hereafter adopted. (1962 Code § 5-4.02; amd. Ord. 00-O-2350, eff. 10-20-2000)