A.   Standards Of Care: The city may enforce the standards of care applicable to TNR partners, feral cat caregivers and TNR individuals in accordance with the city's administrative penalty process or may refer violations of the standards of care to the appropriate TNR partner or TNR individual for assistance in correcting the violations. Nothing in this subsection is intended to restrict the remedies available to the city for a violation of the requirements of this article or the TNR programs regulations and guidelines.
   B.   Revocation Of Permit: In addition to any other remedy available to the city, the city may revoke the permit of a TNR partner or TNR individual if the director determines that the TNR partner, TNR individual or a feral cat caregiver have violated the provisions of this article or the TNR program regulations and guidelines.
   C.   Complaints: Any person may file a written complaint with the department of community development regarding any permit issued under this article. Upon receipt of such a complaint, an investigation will be initiated by the city regarding the allegations in the complaint. (Ord. 09-O-2568, eff. 10-16-2009)