A.   The determination of whether to issue a permit is a ministerial action. The city shall review permit applications deemed to be in compliance with the TNR program and guidelines requirements. The director shall approve the application unless:
      1.   The permit application does not comply with the TNR program and guidelines requirements;
      2.   The permit application does not include all of the required information as set forth in this article;
      3.   A letter objecting to the location of feeder and/or trap has been submitted by a resident or property owner whose property is adjacent to the proposed location of the feeder and/or trap;
      4.   A permit has already been issued to another TNR partner for the same feral cat colony or a feral cat colony located in the same area or general vicinity;
      5.   The applicant has been previously issued a permit pursuant to this article and has violated the requirements of this article or the TNR program requirements and guidelines; or
      6.   The director of public works has reported that the proposed location of a feeder or trap will interfere with public works activities.
   B.   Upon approval of a permit application, the department of community development shall issue a permit card(s) to the TNR partners, feral cat caregivers, and TNR individuals as applicable. The permit card shall be worn by the permittee and any person conducting TNR activity so that it is clearly visible to another person at all times while conducting TNR activity. Residents and/or property owners personally conducting TNR activity on their own property are not required to wear the permit card. (Ord. 09-O-2568, eff. 10-16-2009)